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HZ Technology – Hongzhun Technology Co., Limited

HZ Technology focus on Mold Tooling, CNC Machining & Injection Molding, since founded in 2007, in Shenzhen city, China. Our professional and aspiring team of engineers and technicians work in a clean and tidy environment use the advanced equipment, to turn your concepts into reality quickly, accurately and at a great price. You design it and we will make it.

Sophisticated technology

The high-quality mold begins with high-quality design. HZ Technology have a team of talented designers and more than 15 years of experience in mold design management. Meanwhile, HZ Technology is equipped with the most state of the art hardware and design software, our design department has sufficient capacity to your wonderful ideas into the perfect product.

Mold Design - HZ Technology
tool making shop - HZ Technology

Strict quality control

Take quality as root, our products are inspected at every stage throughout the tooling process including :drawing auditing, copper electrode ,CNC, EDM, EDW, Fitting check before trial the tooling and pre-shipment check, in addition , we can provide customers with FAI, GR&R, MSA, CPK and SPC reports. Strict quality management ensures the high quality of our products that meets or even exceed customer’s requirements.

CMM machine - HZ Technology
Production control - HZ Technology

6S Management principle

HZ Technology implement 6 S management principle, to provide a clean and tidy environment. So that our staffs can work more efficiently with enthusiasm.

Molded parts - HZ Technology
injection molding - HZ Technology

Advanced equipment

  • Precision CNC machine center
Brand Specification Tolerance Quatity
YCM 1020X520 0.005mm 1 set
YCM 560X410 0.005mm 3 set
Brother 500X400 0.005mm 2 set
HPO 500X350 0.01mm 2 set
Precision CNC machine - HZ Technology
slow feeding wire cut machine - HZ Technology
  • Slow feeding Wire Cut
Brand Specification Tolerance Quatity
Sodick 400X300 0.005mm 2 set
Sodick 360X250 0.005mm 4 set
  • Mirror EDM machine
Brand Specification Tolerance Quatity
Sodick 300X250 0.005mm 1 set
Dvspk 300X250 0.005mm 5 set
Mirror EDM machine - HZ Technology
  • Inspection machine
Name Brand Tolerance Quatity
CMM Rational 0.002mm 1 set
Optic 2D Measure YIHUI 0.002mm 1 set
Height Gauge Mitutiyo 0.002mm 2 set
  • Plastic Injection Machining
Spec Ton Tie Bar (H*V) Quatity
JM55 55T 310*310 1 set
JM88 88T 360*360 5 set
PD128 128T 410*410 5 set
PD168 168T 485*430 3 set
PD218 218T 530*510 1 set
PD268 268T 580*560 1 set
plastic injection machining
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