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Mold Making

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HZ technology specializes in Injection Mold Making. With more than 10 years of hardworking and continuous development, we have gained widespread recognition for producing high-quality molds for the most-demanding applications in Automotive, Consumer electronics, Home appliances, Industrial products and Medical equipment etc.

We are distinguished from many other mold suppliers by our ability to produce molds of exceptional quality. Our veteran management team, experienced toolmaker ,innovative designers work together to ensure precise components and outstanding overall quality and timely delivery, providing a full-circle of complementary services tailored to our partners’ specific project requirements.

We continuously focus on improving our people, performances and invest in the latest machining facilities and technologies. In doing so, we explore every opportunity to provide a most satisfactory product to our customers and increase our customers’ satisfaction on every project.

Tool for precision parts

Precision mold tooling

Tool for Auto parts

tool for auto parts

Double injecion tool

double injection mold