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CNC Prototyping Parts

Kehui Mold is a Chinese company that since 2010, has specialised in the manufacture of all types of moulds, mould components, CNC Turning Parts and the injection of thermoplastics and thermosetting resins, as well as compression moulds and casting dies.
Kehui Mold, with about 100 specialised workers, and advanced machinery and control equipment can ensure high mould quality while working to short deadlines.
We export 85% of our moulds & mould components to different countries.
From drawings, samples or 3D information, we are prepared to give a fair offer to all RFQ at the Kehui Mold company.

Basic InformationPARAMETERS
Material:1.2311 ESU
Hardness:290-330 HB
Function:CNC Prototyping Parts
Documentation:Inspection report, Material certificate
Process tolerance:+/-0.01mm
Manufacturing Lead time:18 Days
Transportation lead time:3 Days (to Germany)
HS code:84879000
Quality Management System:ISO9001,  6S Principle

Advantage of  CNC Prototyping:

  1. Show your customers and investors a model of your product.
  2. Demonstrate the appearance, dimensions and features of your product.
  3. Test your design for its suitability.
  4. Save time and money by identifying and reducing design flaws.
  5. Improve and streamline the production process.
  6. Reduce your work load when the time comes to manufacture.
  7. Create multiple versions with different colors, surface textures and finishing processes.
CMM inspection

Why order the Cnc Turning Parts from us?

  1. Mature technology with precision equipment we use. Our parts will prefectly suit your needs, can be assembled immediately without fitting.
  2. High quality insurance. All parts be fully inspected in each stage of process. Inspection report will be provide with everything correct and acccurate.
  3. Fastest deliver time, as soon as 15 days tooling time +3 days deliver time for whole set of mass production CNC parts.
CMM inspection

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