Project Description

Custom Mold Components

Kehui Mold designs and manufactures small and Medium sized moulds, Precision Metal Parts and High Speed Cnc Machining of high dimensional accuracy. Our Company supplies specialised and flexible help to all our customers.

Kehui Mold is a well equipped company both technically and in terms of human resources to enable us to work with exacting tolerances and make precision moulds&Precision Metal Parts for the most demanding sectors of the market. We are specialists in accurate grinding, High Speed Cnc Machining and are also equipped with modern wire cut and penetration EDM machines.

Kehui Mold works in the area of tooling and machining parts by industries, such as the Automotive, Electronic, Electro-mechanical, Connectors and other highly demanding fields.

We have a young and innovate work-team which combines expertise with technical know-how. We offer you a highly qualified customer services.
Kehui Mold is ready to work as a partner in the development of products and new techniques to manufacture moulds & Precision Metal Parts. Among our customers are leading companies in the markets we supply.

Basic InformationPARAMETERS
Size:126 X 136 X 56mm
Hardness:52+2 HRc
Function:For injection mold demolding
Documentation:Inspection report, Material certificate
Process tolerance:+/-0.01mm
Manufacturing Lead time:14 Days
Transportation lead time:3 Days (to Germany)
HS code:84804100
Quality Management System:ISO9001,  6S Principle

The advantages of ordering Custom Mold Components:

1.Save lead time

You can looking for several suppliers to finish the same project together. For example: arrange A company to design, B factory making mold base, C factory making core block, D factory making slider/lifter/insert etc (request every supplier control the tolerance within your requirement, so that is easy to assembly). E factory (in your country) assembly and trail . For the normal procedure from design, process, fitting, trial to final shipping out may need at least 3 month. But in this way we can finish all the projects by 1 month, save the lead time considerably.

2.Save cost

You company can save a lot of time, cost and manpower of traveling abroad to trial the tooling, and much Better improve the work efficiency . If mold base made in your country other parts made in china that you can save a lot of time & delivery cost, and also you can save delivery cost of plastic material from your country to China.

3.Quality insurance

With our high precision equipment (Hi-speed CNC machining center, slow-feeding wire-cut, mirror EDM and CMM inspection machine) we inspect them after finish every process, so we can control all the tolerance of all parts as requested, and The parts be shipped after the inspection report to be past by customer. In this way we have fully controlled every part, so that we can save the cost to preventing trial the mold again and again.

CMM inspection

Why ordering Custom Mold Components from us?

1. High quality insurance. All parts be fully inspected in each stage of process. Inspection report will be provide with everything correct and acccurate.

CMM inspection

2. Mature experience with precision equipments we use. We make every component according to the tolerance of your requirement. Our parts will prefectly suit your needs, can be assembled immediately without fitting.

Colour Scheme

If you order the mating parts together we will try the fitting and assembly for you before shipping.

Mold Fitting and Assemble

3. Fastest deliver time, as soon as 15 days tooling time +3 days deliver time for whole set of mold parts.

Mold Components package